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Is your business mobile ready?

Everyone is connected everywhere -  all the time. Now more content is being accessed by a smart phone than a desktop computer.

Recent stats show that:

  • 88% of smart phone users conduct local searches for products and services.
  • 61% of local searches result in a purchase
  • 50% of mobile users visit a store within a day after conducting a local search

Can your website respond.

Can you view your website on any device? Does it include a mobile strategy that focuses on converting your mobile traffic into sales and leads? If not your losing out on sales and leads.

Our mobile responsive website design solution focuses on identifying your business objectives and deliver solutions that work to meet them.

Your responsive website will:

  • Look great on any device including desktops, tablets in portrait or landscape mode and mobiles in portrait or landscape mode
  • Be able to adapt the user interface for smaller screens
  • Be able to adapt your marketing message to the device size it’s being viewed on.
  • Have your contact details or calls to action readily available.
  • Work with or create your online marketing strategy

How we make your website look great on any device

Using a mobile device to browse internet is a more tactile experience than a desktop. Touching, pinching, flicking and swiping have become the way people access content online. Our responsive website designs take these type interactions into account by:

  • Having user interactions respond to touch and swiping instead of mouse clicks on tablets and smart phones
  • Have your content format change to be more easily read on smaller devices
  • Have the user interface such as menus, forms and buttons optimise for use on a mobile and tablet

Your mobile website design needs to deliver your customers a great user experience on any device. A bad user experience or a non responsive web site will negatively affect your website’s conversion rates and even be detrimental to your Google Ranking.

Reach your customers anywhere any time.

Our responsive website designs are lovingly crafted and thoroughly tested to perform on desktops, tables and mobiles.

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