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Knowing what is going on with your website and your online marketing campaigns empowers you power to make better decisions.

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Website reporting you can understand

Our first point of call when it comes to getting good data is Google Analytics. Why Google Analytics? It’s a powerful tool.

Google Analytics has a wealth of information, but it can be a little overwhelming. We create and provide you with easy to read report that focuses on:

  • Identifying your traffic channels, which ones are working well and which ones might need attention
  • Identifying key issues that are affecting your website
  • Identify your top and lowest performing pages and provide insight as to whether these are working
  • Track the performance of any marketing campaigns you are undertaking
  • Provide insight into whether or not your website is reaching it’s goals. How they are being reached, which ones aren’t and why they are not working.

The Google Analytics reports that we provide you, will help you determine:

  • Which direction you may want your online marketing campaings to take
  • How to improve your customers user experience
  • What changes you can make to improve the conversions of visitors to your site into leads and sales
  • What opportunities you can capitalise on

Want to know what is going on with your website and online business?

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