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Most businesses are sitting on a gold mine and don’t even realise it.

Leverage your mailings lists to grow your business, make more online sales and grow your subscriber base.

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Email marketing for growth

The majority of businesses will have some type of contact list. Prospective customers, current customers, past customers and other people who have come into contact with your company in the past. These connections are powerful because they have already completed the first step in engaging with your company.

Compared to other venues of direct customer engagement like social media, email marketing done well offers you higher conversion rates and ROI.

It’s a mobile world - use it

Opening and reading emails is the number one activity of smartphone users. A recent study showed that approximately 65% of email is opened on a mobile device. Once opened though you only have seconds to engage and encourage your readers to perform and action.

Engage well

We will design your newsletters, EDMs (Email Direct Marketing), welcome emails and order receipts to look attractive across all devices from mobile to desktop. They are easily scannable, easy to interact with and have clear calls to action.

Segment, personalise and win

We can also create strategies to focus your marketing campaigns. You can achieve a higher response from your email marketing campaigns if you send personalised emails that have a simple message and a clear goal or objective for your readers to achieve. Segmenting your subscriber lists into groups allow you to run more targeted successful campaigns.

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