Website Planning

Don't get lost in translation, Wireframing for success.

We’ve worked together to make sure that your business objectives have been identified and defined. We’ve created an online marketing strategy and now it’s time to implement these into a workable prototype of your website.

This is an important stage. No matter how hard you work on defining the scope of a project, inevitably some things can get lost in translation. Assumptions get made about how things will work, what content is required or missing, what website assets are available or what data needs to be collected.

Our live wire framing process allows us to minimise these assumptions or misunderstandings. We create a working prototype of your website and then we workshop and go through the site with you. This allows us to:

  • Test the various elements of your website such as functionality and content to gauge how they perform with the responsive framework.
  • Test and gain an understanding of how customers will use your website.
  • Gain an understanding of how you or staff in your organisation will interact with the website such as the contentment management console.
  • Identify and document any issues that arise during this stage.
  • Implement changes to resolve any documented issues.
  • Repeat this process until we are happy that we are delivering you a top quality solution.

Over many years of delivering successful solutions and developing long term partnerships with our clients we have created a process that we are proud of and that we believe sets us apart from many other digital agencies.

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