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Why should I worry about a content marketing strategy

Great content is the cornerstone to all your marketing strategies. Without great content there is no Search Engine Optimisation, no social media marketing, no conversion optimisation and no brand growth. An effective content marketing strategy is about creating great content that is user centric. This can inspire people to share it, link to your site, engage with and buy from your company.

You may be a leading company in your field with the best services or products and the best customer service. However, if you can’t communicate that effectively with your customers how will they ever realise it.

Why our content marketing strategy works

Our content strategy includes the following stages to reach content greatness:


  • What products and services you sell, how and why
  • Who are your customers and what drives their buying decision
  • What keywords and keyword phrases are prospective customers using
  • Competitor analysis - what your competitors are doing and if it is successful, why

Content Creation

  • Create a cohesive narrative across the different media, such as images, movies and text 
  • Ensure that it’s easy to understand and informative
  • Communicate your brand’s message
  • Work with your SEO and other customer acquisition strategies.


Once the content has been created we use Google Analytics and other tools to continually determine the success of your content strategy.

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