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Website management, keeping your website alive

Running a business is hard enough, but keeping on top of your website as well can seem almost impossible. Our website evolution plan makes it easy for your website to respond to changes and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Evolve the easy way

Our website evolution plan uses a continual cycle of analysis, strategy and implementation. This allows both you and our marketing team to react intelligently to changing objectives and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Analysis and insights

Making great decisions comes from first gathering good data, defining the meaningful metrics and building insightful recommendations. During the review and analysis stage we:

  • Gather data from a number of sources and tools.
  • Define metrics to measure the performance of your website.
  • Identify possible issues that might need addressing.
  • Identify any opportunities that can be capitalised on.


From our analysis we create an easy to understand report that:

  • Outlines the performance of your website.
  • Outlines if your website is reaching the defined project objectives.
  • Highlights any identified issues and opportunities.
  • Lists any recommendations on how to best take advantage of these opportunities or issues.

During the delivery of the report, we communicate with you to make sure that each party has a good understanding of the report and agree upon the best course of action on the supplied recommendations.


Once all parties know what needs to be undertaken we implement and test any proposed changes or strategies. The successes of the changes are evaluated for future evolution cycles.

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Our evolution plan helps you react and stay ahead of changing trends, emerging markets and new technologies.

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